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Business Tax Filings

Business Tax Filings

Tax support tailored to your business

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The main objective is always to reduce your tax liability. The easiest way to do this is through careful tax preparation. We promise to give you professional, up-to-date tax return preparation and assistance, whether you're a lone proprietor or run a multi-tiered company or partnership. For businesses, tax planning and preparation are our area of expertise.

  • A modern, streamlined experience—From initial and ongoing collection of tax documents to filings, we provide a seamless, digital experience.
  • A custom experience—Every client is different, so we make sure to examine appropriate deductions and consider your unique situation to minimize your tax burden and ensure compliance.
  • Year-round support—Our team is available throughout the year to help you make smart tax decisions and plan appropriately.

Choose the solution that is right for you:



  • Partnerships
  • S Corps
  • C Corps
  • 2 partners or shareholders
  • Accuracy protection guarantee

Annual Accounting Review


Includes Standard plus:


  • Multiple state filings
  • Unlimited partners/shareholders


  • Annual review consultation


Includes Complete plus:

Cleanup Accounting Services

  • Data entry
  • Annual payroll review
  • Statement reconciliation

Additional Services

  • Additional consulting
  • Bulk preparation services
  • Advanced tax filing procedures

Accuracy Protection Guarantee – If we prepare your return and we make a mistake, we’ll fix the mistake at no cost to you. You will be required to pay any tax assessed as required but we will also attempt to remove the penalties and interest based on all available methods (First Time Abatement or Reasonable Cause are most common) and if we are unsuccessful then we will reimburse you for these costs.

All business returns are prepaid prior to filing with monthly or quarterly payments optional. All new client business tax returns come with Audit Protection enabled by default. Minimum business return price is $1300 prior to discounts or additional services.

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Paperless Firm

We here at Lipsey & Associates care about our environment that's why we're a paperless firm. For every ream of paper we purchase, we make a $100 donation to the National Forest Foundation. The foundation works to replant America's National Forests. Just $1, plants one tree.

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