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Our Partners

M&T Bank

Preferred local banker providing outstanding customer services. Provider of SBA loans, line of credits, business banking and business credit cards. No referral fees paid.


Payroll: Preferred Payroll Provider with outstanding customer service. Additional add-ons available for HR, Benefits and many others. We provide a wholesale option where there isn't a referral fee but if the client does not sign up to us through wholesale then we are paid for referrals based on future payroll fees.

Retirement: Preferred 401k Provider for high net-worth businesses and plans. Its connectivity with ADP Payroll make this a must have. Due to higher annual fees, a plan must have over $200k in annual assets to be considered a good fit. We are paid for referrals based on 401k Fees.

SaveDay 401K

Preferred 401k provider for low net worth businesses and plans. They have low fees while offering flexibility on plans. This is the perfect entity for businesses starting a new plan until they accumulate $200k in assets or more. We are paid up to $100 for the referral for their 401k plan.

BDNet Corporate Networking

They provide complex IT solutions and support to local businesses. We are paid a percentage of annual revenue for the referral.

SPM Strategies

They provide website design, management and marketing solutions for small businesses. We are paid a percentage of fees.

Ategra Financial

They provide holistic financial planning and advising solutions to high net worth individuals. No referral fees paid.

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig

They provide attorney services for small businesses, real estate, trust/estate planning plus many more. No referral fees paid for this recommendation.


They provide insurance products for small businesses and individuals. Their customer service and ability to explain complicated products to ordinary individuals make them a preferred partner. No referral fees paid for this recommendation.

The Nair Group, LLC

The Nair Group LLC

They provide auditing and assurance services, including: Audits, Reviews, Compilations and Financial Statement Preparation. We are paid a percentage of fees.

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Why we take referral fees:

This is to help offset administrative expenses and helps keeps our prices low. We make sure these fees are not passed on to the individual and we do not recommend a service that we would not use ourselves. We recommend the best service provider in our contact list, regardless of whether a referral fee is paid. We consistently turn down vendors even though they offer a higher referral fee-we are on the lookout to improve our clients and provide introductions wherever possible.