Lipsey and Associates Welcomes MJ Mortensen Clients and Staff


As of January 01, 2018, MJ Mortensen is now part of the Lipsey and Associates team. After 40 years of servicing her clients tirelessly, M. Jane Mortensen (Janie) has decided to retire. Any current clients of MJ Mortensen have already been integrated seamlessly with the current procedures in place at Lipsey and Associates to assure a smooth transition.

We have worked hard to make sure that no action is required by any current client of MJ Mortensen. Starting soon, you will be hearing from Eric Metzger, formerly of MJ Mortensen, who is leading the transition efforts into Lipsey and Associates. Eric has graciously accepted the role of transition manager over the next several months to make sure that no stone goes uncovered during the tax busy season. We will be sending engagement letters and tax organizers out very soon.

Linda Macsisak has also agreed to stay on as a full time Staff Accountant. She has already made herself at home at the new offices and can be reached directly on the office line 703-988-6573 extension 1.

Jeff is also attempting to reach out to all clients to set up times to have phone call or sit down meetings with anyone that necessitates one. Rest assured that the processes in place at Lipsey and Associates guarantee that your data will be safe at all times, that your taxes and accounting work will be done accurately and timely, and that you can count on us when you need us. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out directly at 703-988-6573.

We look forward to a meaningful and successful relationship with all of the staff and clients that made MJ Mortensen their home for so many years.